The Male Lineage - How Your Father Still Affects Your Personality

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"Rebirthing Breathwork Mastery"

Clearing Relationship Issues at Their Source

Create relationships that.....

  • Has honest and clear communication!
  • Has deep heartfelt connection and intimacy!
  • Nurtures You and totally accepts YOU for who You are!
  • Has Love, Trust & Respect!

Using this dynamic breathing process "Rebirthing Breathwork Mastery"

YOU will discover and release the underlying causes of:

  • How your relationship with your father figure growing up influences your current relationships today
  • The reasons why it may be challenging for you to express yourself with others
  • The challenges in connecting and building confidence in relationships with other men in your life
  • Why you may choose relationships that are not loving and nurturing
  • Why building trust and intimacy in relationships can be challenging
  • How early influences (in-utero, birth & early infancy) and conditioning influences your parenting style

“Rebirthing Breathwork with Kimberley has been an amazing fulfilling experience. It has enabled me through my breath to connect to my inner voice and to be able to share unconditional love. It has been a great pleasure to share this with Kimberley.”   


I was amazed how quickly and easily this breath technique let me get in touch with my inner self. Allowing me to explore memories and feeling hidden within, in a safe and caring environment that Kimberley provides. I truly believe each time I have rebirthed I have shed a layer of old pain and gained a greater understanding of myself.

Kevin - Electrician

Session outline:

Session Topic – The male lineage and male caregiver's influence on your personality

Intention Setting – Writing your intention, based on what it is you would like to clear and resolve.

Breathe Session – Using full conscious connected breathing to allow you to clear what is in the way of achieving your intention.

The Integration Process – Debriefing your experience allows you to understand the content of your session and how it relates to your intention and your life.

Rebirthing Breathwork Mastery is Consciously Creating
What You Want in Your Life!

Please note these groups are limited to 10 participants, both women and men welcome.

Course Details:

Date: June 24th

Time: 12 - 4pm  

Venue: AcuEnergetics Centre

Investment: $190 pp.

Book all 3 courses and save $75

April 7th – The Female lineage and Mother's Effect on Your Personality
June 24th – The Male lineage - How Your Father still Affects Your Personality
August 25th – How to Create a Positive Relationship with Self 


Snack & teas will be provided

Participants please bring something to lay on, mat, towel or doona.

“I provide a safe, nurturing space to share, explore and overcome the issues, beliefs, and behavior patterns that prevent you living from your authentic being.”

For more information call Kimberley on 0412 999 810 orEmail:

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