The Female Lineage and Mother’s Effect On Your Personality!!

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Clearing Relationship Issues at Their Source

Rebirthing Breathwork Mastery is a dynamic breathing process that can help you to discover and release the underlying causes of:

  • How you’re early relationships with your mother affects your present day relationships with females both intimate and non-intimate?
  • Why you may have problems connecting and building trust in relationships with women?
  • Why you are not able to fully and freely expressing yourself with women.
  • Why you choose relationships that are not loving and nurturing?
  • Why intimacy in relationships can be challenging?
  • Why early influences (utero, birth & early infancy) and conditioning affect how you Parent.
Are You Living at the Affect of Your Conditioning?

I experienced attitude shifts and the release of blocked emotional trauma. From this, my interpersonal relationships have improved, I’m calmer and feel much more energetic. I was surprised at how much a simple technique, with a good practitioner, can get right to the core of the problem so effectively, and gaining immediate benefit after each session.

Breathwork with Kimberley has enabled me to release the intensity of my emotional conditioning. I am now able to look at life as it is, in the present. I now find I am aware of my many options in dealing with situations that I previously found extremely difficult.

Kimberley brings lightness and a sense of expansion that seems to allow the work of the breath to occur gracefully and with ease. I have experienced new levels of integration, freedom, trust and ability in my life. It has been a powerful influence that I will continue to use.

Outline of the process:

Session Topic – The feminine linage and mother’s effect on your personality

Intention Setting – Writing your intention, based on what it is you would like to clear and resolve.

Breath Session – Using full conscious connected breathing to allow you to clear what is in the way of achieving your intention.

The Integration Process – Debriefing your experience allows you to understand the content of your session and how it relates to your intention and your life.

Rebirthing Breathwork is Consciously Creating
What You Want in Your Life!

*Please note these groups are limited to 10 participant

Date: April 7th 2018
Time: 12 – 4pm
Venue: AcuEnergetics Centre
Investment: $190 per person
*Booking essential to reserve your place
Book all 3 courses and save $75

April 7th – The Female lineage and Mother's Effect on Your Personality
June 24th – The Male lineage - How Your Father still Affects Your Personality
August 25th – How to Create a Positive Relationship with Self 


Snack & teas will be provided – Participants please bring something to lay on, mat, towel or doona.

I provide a safe, nurturing space to share, explore and resolve the issues, limiting beliefs, and behavior patterns that hold you back from living from your authentic being.

Call Kimberley on 0412 999 810 or Email: to book your space or for more information.

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Contact Kimberley:  +61 412 999 810