World Kindness Day November 13 2017

Kindness is for everyone!

We all love that warm fuzzy feeling we get when we do something kind for another. It’s wonderful, right? Did you know kind acts; even secret ones can do wonders for your physical, mental and emotional health? And there’s another curious thing about kindness it’s uniquely contagious. We all know that feeling when a complete stranger says hello and smiles at us.

Research shows we feel better and experience less stress when we act on behalf of other people. Our levels of oxytocin, the so-called love or bonding hormone in the human body, have been found to increase with sincere acts of generosity. This increase in oxytocin not only makes us feel good, it has also been shown to reduce stress levels.

“A study conducted among students at the University of British Columbia found that performing acts of kindness can help lower people’s social anxiety, which often leads to negative self-beliefs and behaviors.

They found that any kind act appeared to have the same benefit, even small gestures like opening a door for someone or saying ‘thanks’ to the bus driver,” the published study states. Kindness didn’t need to involve money or time-consuming efforts and didn’t even need to be face-to-face.

It even goes deeper than what we know about the measurable energy exchange that occurs between two people when they touch. A simple example of this “touch energy exchange” is when someone extends the kindness of helping a stranger up from a chair: Chances are their touch didn’t set off fireworks and they may never meet again, but studies show both giver and receiver change profoundly. As they extend into their circles of family, friends, co-workers, etc., what passed between them has the power to continue affecting others.

The collective magnetic energy fields of all human beings across the world make up a global energy field, what HeartMath calls the “global information field”. In this field, HMI and GCI researchers hypothesize, biologically relevant information connects all living systems. All the emotions you feel, whether positive or negative, the energy you create, and your acts of kindnesses affect your field environment. You are sharing all of it with everyone around you.

Your emotions, feelings and choices matter!

If you are angry when you come home from work, there’s a good chance you will affect the moods of others in the house. That is unless, you choose to let go of your anger or if a family member’s positive energy, such as an act of kindness, helps to brighten your composure. Your energy, actions and feelings are all “feeding the field.” It is called interconnectedness, the idea that all things are interconnected by our connections to Earth’s magnetic fields.

The positive effects of kindness are also experienced in the brain of everyone who witnessed the act, improving their mood and making them significantly more likely to “pay it forward.” This means one good deed in a crowded area can create a domino effect and improve the day of dozens of people!”

Each time we choose kindness we’re creating positive change in the world.

We can all be KIND, all that is required is an open HEART!

There are millions of ways we can step up and be an ambassador of kindness, it’s all in the action. Get inspired, tune into your heart and get this juicy kindness happening. 

What random acts of kindness will you be doing today?
Share your smile.
Greet your neighbor by their name.
Share a positive story.
Do something for someone you don’t even know.
Pick up litter.
Say thank you to the bus driver.
Reach out to someone in need.
Give your favorite book away.
Help an old person cross the road.
Give your seat to someone on the bus.
Compliment a stranger.
Help someone with there shopping.
Take your neighbor’s dog for a walk.
Donate your time.
Hold hands.
Give away free hugs.
Raise money for local charity

Happiness is in your hands

Unseen kindness is equally as important with how we treat our self. So let’s remember to be kind and gentle with our self as much as with others because it all counts and adds to creating a kinder world.

Have fun with kindness!

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