Happiness = A Healthier “YOU”

For me Happiness is about the heart and comes from within and I’m sure that is similar for most of you. Hence since 2013, the United Nations has celebrated the International Day of Happiness, as a way to recognise the importance of happiness in the lives of people all around the world.

I know when I am happy because I get this yummy feeling inside, I smile and laugh lots, my heart sings and is full of love.

I have a glow inside and everything is easy, it has a flow and is effortless. It’s easy to connect with others and myself; everything is a “Yes” and I open.

What does happiness mean to you?    When do you know when you’re happy?

Happy moments come and go; yet a lot of the time in the hustle and bustle of life our sense of happiness can fade and the busyness of life takes over. We forget to smile, and that happy feeling can get lost.

Happiness is not a station we arrive at; it’s a manner of how we travel. Our mental and physical habits feed into both the quality and nature of your journey, so choosing habits
that support and nourish your happiness is vital.
Recognise what really makes you happy and how you can create happiness in your daily life, and how to stay happy in each moment. When we practise happy thoughts we have access to everything we desire. I’m sure we would all like more happiness in our lives!

Here is 10 “Happy Habits” you can adopt:

You may have noticed that when you feel sad your exhalation is long and when you are happy your in-breath is longer. When you’re anxious your breathing pattern changes again and becomes shorter and harder. If you want to stabilize your emotions, then controlled breathing is an effective way to do so.
4-7-8 Breathing is a fabulous easy practise and can help your health in many ways.

2. Embrace challenge
The best moments in your life usually happen when your body or mind is stretched to its limits in an effort to achieve something worthwhile. To experience these best moments, scientists suggest you need to find a project that inspires you, requires determination and presents a challenge. Fostering creativity, then, is a sure-fire way to find the kind of happiness that creates a healthy life.

3. Be grateful
People who are more grateful manage better with major life changes and are less stressed, less depressed and more satisfied with their relationships. Make a list of all the good things in your life or make a regular practice of telling people the good things that happened in your day. Better still have a gratitude journal where you write 1-3 things that you were grateful for in your day before you go to sleep at night.

4. Meditate 
Meditation is a state of mind and arises from consistent practice and discipline. It develops your capacity for awareness and the evidence is that meditation strongly promotes happiness, by helping to regenerate an exhausted mind. Research also shows that through meditation you develop a new default mode of the brain that is centered less on the self and more focused in the present. This ability to be present in the moment is central to the experience of happiness.
Check out Meditation-Breathing for Happiness

5. Simplify your life
Create simplicity in your life by decluttering: donate or give away all items that you have not touched or used in the past three years. Live a life that is within your means and limits. Living simply decreases your stress; thinking about what it takes to simplify your life will help you focus on the things that are really important.

6. Don’t look back
If you find yourself ruminating about mistakes you’ve made, or the wrongs you have had to bear, it’s important first to recognise that you are doing this and then to accept you cannot change what has happened in the past, you can change only how you feel at it. Ask yourself what you would do differently next time and then move on. If you are feeling sad over a loss, allow yourself time to grieve, cherish memories and if struggling with this take steps to move on by booking a session and getting the support you need.

7. Learn to focus
Focusing is a skill that lets you tap into your body’s wisdom and make positive changes in your life. A patient attitude and quiet, uninterrupted time are all you need to focus. Rather than avoid, suppress or attempt to ignore strong feelings, you’ll find it takes less energy to quietly acknowledge emotions or inner sensations. You’ll notice they’ll settle and calm, and lose some of their intensity, leaving you feeling more at peace.

8. Smile and hug more
A sense of security is essential to feeling happy. Research has shown that the brain chemical oxytocin disarms the threat response. You can get your brain to secrete oxytocin by smiling more often, by giving and receiving hugs daily, and even through a warm and welcoming handshake.

9. Love
Love is a remarkably powerful psychology phenomenon. Aside from romantic love, feeling love for yourself, for others and for all sentient beings is highly recommended for your health and your hormones. There is also evidence that the act of committing yourself to loving another individual or animal is a happy thing.
Remember “The Beatles” they had it right when they sang, “All you need is love.” We all do. In fact, we need a community of people to love. It will reward us with health in all areas of our lives. So lets get loving.

10. Connect
People who are happy are connected not only to a significant other but also to the world beyond themselves. Find ways to explore and accept your strengths, and improve on your self-awareness of your emotions, emotional triggers and your responses to them. In doing this, you will learn how to transform your emotional responses from destructive to constructive. You will also understand what motivates you and drives your commitments and optimism. When you perform these functions better, you are in a better position to understand and have empathy for others.

What activity makes you happy?
What memory makes you happy?
What song makes you happy?

Hold your happy vibe, feel how that feels in your body and visualize your dream for 20 seconds this puts you in manifestation mode.

So now you are set for manifesting your happiness. Practise what appeals to you and if you would like further support give me a call.

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