How Do You Choose To Show Up In 2018?

I love the feeling of new beginnings.

So what does the road ahead look like for you in 2018?

If you have not yet set your intention for 2018 there no time like the present. Setting an intention is different to making a New Years Eve resolution. NYE resolutions are often done on the spur of the moment in the euphoria of celebrations, and rarely last past the end of January and for me they are a bit of a cliché.

This is why I plant my seeds of intention on the new moon in December then sow and nurture the seeds of intentions in January and continue to feed them through the year.
I have been planning the year ahead, which is the action part behind the intentions with enthusiasm and gusto to bring you lots of nurturing support on your journey of health and wellbeing.

“Intention is the seed that creates your future”

A new year is a great time to reset and make some new healthy choices for yourself. What conscious choices are you choosing to making for yourself in 2018?

Whether you are choosing to have a baby, learn meditation-breathing®, be kinder to yourself, make more time for you or making changes in your relationships or your general health and wellbeing, these steps will help you commit and take action if you follow them.

Make Healthy Conscious Choices & Commit to Making Them Happen!

Here are some tips to get you started:

Write down a list of your intentions/choices (put them into subcategories: holidays, health, personal, family, work/business etc.) It’s important to write these down so it’s not all in your head. It makes a big difference if you can even post your list on a wall or mirror that you will see everyday.

Prioritize your list. Everything is important, but assign a priority (1-10). Don’t think too much about it; just write numbers by each item on your list, whatever comes to your mind first. This will help you to get started and taking your first steps. You can always reprioritize as you go. I always put my holidays for the year in first (important to nurture yourself).

Now pick ONE item for this month and make it your theme and focus. (sometimes I pick one in a couple of the different subcategories, but be careful not to overwhelm yourself).

Write down 5 things that you will do to help you achieve your pick for the month to deliver your desired outcome. This is the action part of your intention.

Write down how you will feel after you have achieved adding this to your life in a significant way. What will you feel like in 2 weeks? 30days? 6 months from now if you have committed to this new action?

Now write down 3 roadblocks or things that may get in your way and provide yourself some brainstorms of how you will overcome these. Don’t miss this step. It’s important to allow yourself to win.

Go for it! Use the vibrant energy of this New Year to inspire you to make a difference in your life! Grow, Thrive & Make it Happen!

After you have created a plan – and I’m serious about writing it down-you can start on your first intention. Next month, add another. It’s okay to take things in steps. Think about how many times you have made a list and accomplished nothing or only did things for a couple days or weeks. Use this action plan to methodically make one change at a time. It will make a more long-lasting impact to your life! And just think how you will feel in 12 months. It’s a bit like strengthening a muscle; you start light and then build from that place.

Don’t forget, each month when you add a new conscious choice, keep the one from the previous month. It won’t feel so overwhelming because you will already have a frame of reference for yourself. Think what you can accomplish in 12 months of this year!

Now go get started and don’t forget the having fun part!

Remember, the reason so often things don’t happen in our lives is because we don’t have an intention or create a plan, we just wish for it. Then we get distracted and things slip through the cracks. This will not happen this year if you take the steps required. Start now with your intentions and GET THE RESULTS YOU DESIRE! Stay focused, conscious and present in your process. You might like to make a vision board after this exercise, that way you will have something pictorial to keep you motivated!

Happy Intention setting and planning!

If you would like support or have any questions, contact me.

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