10 Tips to Survive The Holiday Season with Ease

The holidays are nearing. It’s such a special time of year, but also a busy time of year that can have us experiencing a full spectrum of emotions and it can be easy to get overwhelmed, feel stressed, and struggle to get everything done.

We place so much pressure on our selves. Feeling obligated to attend functions, finishing of all the deadlines before we take off for the year; Xmas shopping and there is spending joyous time with family and relatives but who knows what can pop up! Stress, stress and more stress!
The holidays are about carving time out of our busy lives to rest, recover and take time out for ourselves.
I feel what is most valuable this time of year is to “have peace in our heart”.
To experience this you need to consider what’s most important to “You” and give yourself permission to not try and please everyone.

Enjoy the holiday season, and approach it from a place of strength.

Here are my 10 Tips to Survive The Holiday Season with Ease:

1. Don’t be Afraid to Say No:
If you’re overwhelmed and find yourself struggling to stay afloat with how much you have to do in the next few weeks, give yourself permission to say “no”.
You don’t have to do everything. Saying “no” to baking more cookies, volunteering your time, or attending events. Saying no when you really can’t or don’t want to do something, is an important part of self-care and one of the best things you can do for yourself to feel less overwhelmed.
Do what calls your heart. Effective action comes from love.

2. Be Realistic about Family and Relatives:
Set short-term and realistic expectations with family members over the Holidays. Having a plan and use some of my tips to manage any stress and tension that may pop up. Having some down time to recharge your batteries will make you a much happier and relaxed person overall.

3. Step Away From the Situation:
I love this one because it’s simple and easy to practice, but yet, not many of us do this very often. There’s absolute nothing wrong with taking a few minutes outside, going for a walk, or heading into a quiet room for a few moments to gather yourself back together when you’re facing family stress, shopping stress, you name it. Be kind to yourself.

4. Breathe:
Science has proven that individuals that shallow breath have higher rates of anxiety and decreased levels of productivity, focus and drive. When was the last time you took a deep breath and focused on just being in the moment?  Have you checked out 4-7-8 Breath Exercise? So simple and has great positive health benefits. Book in a Rebirthing Breathwork session and clear any burning issue before the New Year.

5. Meditate:
Meditation is my go to place for sanity, that’s why I do it daily. It’s a time for me when I connect to me and allow myself to settle. I don’t need science to tell me how good it feels or the health benefits, I feel it within myself. Give it a go!
Would you like more Happiness or a Restful Sleep or manage your Stress and Anxiety?

6. Exercise:
This is one thing people tend to give up during the holidays.
Physical activity can actually lower stress and help put things into perspective. Even if you can’t do your regular routine, doing even short bouts of exercise can help. Don’t like to “exercise?” I encourage you to move. Do what you love while moving your body. It could be dancing, swimming, surfing, walking, yoga. Whatever floats your boat, do it.

7. Get to Bed at a Reasonable Hour:
I love my sleep, so having a Restful Sleep is a priority for me. Stress makes you lose sleep, then you get stressed even more that you’re not getting enough sleep. It’s one of the most frustrating cycles and we all know the impact this has, especially in the busy seasons when we need it most.

8. Self Care Rituals:
Rest and self-care are so important. When you take time to replenish your spirit, it allows you to serve others with joy. You cannot serve from an empty vessel. Daily self-care practices are amazing for recharging and reenergising your body. My favourite self-care rituals are rooted around my morning routine of, walking or swimming, Qi Gong and Meditation-Breathing I love taking long baths, giving myself a manicure and a pedicure that has me really unwind. Sitting in my garden while I have lunch and just being in nature and listening to the birds. Laughing and being happy sings to my heart.

9. Healthy Lifestyle Choices:
Making wise choices related to foods and alcohol. It is such a crazy time of year where there are so many functions and celebrations we all tend to over eat. Maybe over the holiday break you might like to try out my “Live Well 5 Day Detox” and give your body a break. It’s only 5 days and it’s easy! Taking the time to re-center yourself and realign you’re eating habits can be extremely beneficial in balancing out your body.

10. Delegate:
Why not delegate? No need to do it all yourself, ask for help. Give everyone their “special jobs” that they are in charge of during this busy time. Have your kids clean their own rooms and help with other chores. The same goes for your family members or visitors, ask can they cook a meal or prepare a dish to contribute to the festive day. People love to help! Allow yourself to be supported.

Do what calls your heart. Effective action comes from love.
Have Fun, Enjoy and Have a Very Blessed Time.


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