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Fertility, Pregnancy and Birth-Fit Program

I initially approached Kimberley seeking help with endometriosis  and polycystic ovaries; rather than proceed with my other option being a laparoscopy. My partner and I were preparing to have kids and Kimberley ended up being one of our key support people in that process.Read More

Adela Macarie



“My husband and I had been trying to conceive our second baby for 19 months and had just recently had an unsuccessful IUI fertility treatment given I was 39, an had been diagnosed with fertility challenges, doctors had told us we wold only be able to conceive usin IVF. A natural conception was out of the question.Read More



Pubis Symphisitis (osteitis pubis)

“During my second pregnancy in 2012, I started to feel the first pains of Pubic Symphisitis at 10 week s. By Christmas time, I was 20 weeks pregnant and in excruciating pain every time I excruciating pain every time I moved. Read More

Jane Butler



“After being advised by two gynecologists that I would not fall pregnant naturally due to the removal of one of my ovaries and tubes, I embarked on the IVF rollercoaster. Two and a half years down the track and six IVF’s later,  I still had not fallen pregnant. Read More

Warm wishes S Graham

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“When I realised I had to give birth again I was terrified, my first experience had been a horror story and as desperate as I was to have another child I was scared. I started seeing Kimberley weekly from about week 32 and things started to change quickly. Read More

Alicia Sharples

Business Owner, Mother two


Morning Sickness

“I would like to thank you so much. When I was 9 week s pregnant and came to see you I had nausea that lasted me all day and night. This made things very uncomfortable for me and I found it difficult to look after my three year old daughter. So during my session you said you would work on the nausea,Read More

Cindy Campbell

Thank you


Cell Changes

“I have suffered ongoing cell changes due to being diagnosed with HPV. I have been seeing Kimberley in particular to work with this problem. She ran a series of AcuEnergetics® sessions on me pening energy channels and removing blockages working with my chakras and meridian points.Read More



Vaginal Issue

“Kimberley was recommended to me by a friend during a period in my life where I felt void of hope and angry about my circumstances, which felt beyond my control. My problem weighed on me daily,interfering with every facet of my life from my relationships to the decisions I made.Read More



Pregnancy and Birth

Kimberley, I would like to express my gratitude to you for the support, love, happiness and encouragement, during the pregnancy and the birth of my son Tex. (Born May 2012) I found the timing of my initial. I was seeing you prior to my pregnancy, and I found the journey Read More

Cindy Campbell

(mum) XXX


Depression/Eating Disorder

At the beginning of 2011, I was suffering with depression, elements of self-harm and an eating disorder. After my sessions with Kimberley I was not only able to think clearer but also to progress forward from my problems. A full year has passed with monthly sessions and my urges have stopped completely.Read More

Natasha Rubie

19yrs old



“Thank you so much for the healing and energetic work you did with me over the past months. I am so happy at finally falling pregnant after trying everything for nearly 4 years. I know that your work has played a major part in this wonderful result and that there was a definite positive.Read More

Yours gratefully Di

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Emotional Truama

Having Acuenergetics® sessions with Kimberley, I have experienced huge attitude shifts and the release of blocked emotional trauma. From this, my interpersonal relationships have improved. I am much calmer and feel much more energetic.Read More

Thank you KM



“I had suffered severely with endometriosis for 10yrs, had two operations with no relief. It had taken over my life and even my family was affected, I had become a misery to live with. A friend recommended I go and see Kimberley for some AcuEnergetics® sessions.Read More

Thanks KD



Simply put, being treated by Kimberley has changed my life. I am lighter, happier, more content and more capable than I have ever been in my 43 years. Through her amazing guidance I have been able to truly, and finally, let go of the past and all that was holding me down.Read More



Chronic Pain

“I saw Kimberley for around 6 months and over that time she taught me life changing techniques that have become a part of my daily routine. Not only is she a constant support for my state of mind, she has been able to help help me physically and emotionally.Read More

Claudia Natoli

aged 28

Portrait Of Redhead Woman On Dark

Foot Numbness

“I have had half a numb foot (nerve damage in doctor speak) for over 30 years thanks to a horse standing on it. After only one treatment with Kimberley, and I had feeling back in my foot and toes. Amazing! Thanks
Kimberley I can’t recommend your treatments highly enough”.

Leesa Andrews

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Fracture Wrist

I had a fractured trapezium bone in my right wrist, limited movement, severe pain and no strength in my hand. After two sessions with Kimberley, I had full movement and no pain.Kimberley is compassionate and her work is work is invaluable.




Chronic Pain

For 15 years I suffered with chronic neck, shoulder and lower back pain. I tried massaging, chiropractic, osteopathic and acupuncture therapies to alleviate my symptoms, neither treatment was entirely successful. After I received a course of AcuEnergetics® treatments with Kimberley Campbell-Zeltner all my symptoms disappeared and my general health improved greatly.Read More


Mature woman portait


My daughter asked me if I would consider seeking help through AcuEnergetics® as she had heard that they were getting good results with people suffering from depression. I agreed as for the best part of the last 3 years depression had practically taken over my life and I was desperate to get well and be happy and healthy once again.Read More

Margaret Driver

Attractive Woman In The Park

Knee Injury

“When I saw Kimberley I was nursing a knee injury that I had had for 5 months. As a Bikram Yoga Instructor it was causing me a lot of frustration as I was unable to practice my own yoga and teaching with a limp was not a a good look. I could not even stand up for long periods of time as I was leaning all my weight on my other leg.Read More

Norma Strang

Bikram Yoga Instructor


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