I have been offering Skype consultations for some time with clients spread far and wide.  These consultations were originally designed for interstate and international clients, although I have now made them available for local clients with busy lives!  A Skype session is a sure way of getting one-on-one specific advise wherever you are in the world, just like a consultation in my clinic where we discuss your individual needs and requirements. This is all about getting YOUR personal needs met through a tailor made session.

Prior to your Skype consult, you will be asked to provide me with some information (via a form) which will ensure I focus on the specifics that are going to make all the difference to you. Your appointment will go for 30 minutes in which we will go through a full case history, diet, lifestyle and what it is that you would like to work with or achieve through your consultations. Afterwards, I spend a further 30 minutes creating your treatment plan before your follow up consult. I have found this formula works exceptionally well.  I am, however, happy to modify this structure based on your requirements.

There is just one important factor for you to remember with Skype consultations (like any consultation, really) and that is that YOU have to do the work. I’m here to help you identify the cause of your health concerns and guide you to treating it at a deeper level. What you do outside of and as a result of our consult is really what matters most. Implementing the treatment plan into your daily life is the only sure way to see results. Unfortunately, I can’t do that for you!

If you would like to talk more about Skype consultations, you can email me or contact me directly on +61 412 999 810.  I can talk you through the Skype consult options to work out the best plan for you.

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