Rebirthing Breathwork Mastery


What is Rebirthing Breathwork Mastery? (RBM)

“Rebirthing Breathwork Mastery is a safe, simple, and effective tool that is used to reprogram in the present what was programmed from the past.”

RBM brings into our awareness not only unconsciously held beliefs and emotions but also the relationship we have with our physical and emotional bodies. When we consciously breathe with this awareness, we make it possible to resolve, integrate and heal previously unresolved issues within ourselves. This frees up energy, bringing greater aliveness and joy, allowing us to realise our full potential as human beings.

RBM is a powerful healing modality that allows you to have mastery of your life.

RBM is a conscious, connected body/breath technique that results in a number of internal experiences. It is where thoughts, pain, memories, feelings, and energies that have been held down with the breath, can be released, cleared and resolved. The process is a freeing up of limitations created from old negative beliefs and conditioning.

RBM is a highly effective breathing technique that purifies the body and mind

Clients have had success with the following:

  • Clearing relationship difficulties that keep repeating themselves in every relationship
  • Not knowing who you are and what you want
  • Not living up to your potential
  • Feeling trapped in a way of being, stressed out by efforts to please others
  • Stress
  • Job-related problems
  • Depression
  • Shyness and low self-esteem, lack of confidence
  • General unhappiness with what seems like every aspect of your life
  • An inability to feel
  • Abuse
  • Physical pain and discomfort
  • Simply wanting to get to know yourself better and enjoy life more
  • Issues with addictions such as drugs, alcohol, overeating etc

Rebirthing Breathwork Mastery Specific Technique

RBM is the name given to define specific use of intention + body awareness + conscious breath over time. RBM is known for the effective release of tension, be it physical, emotional or psychological. Breath is the link between the conscious mind and the sub/unconscious mind.

Frequently asked questions

How does it work?

Rebirthing Breathwork Mastery works predominantly through a simple breathing technique called “conscious connected relaxed breath”.

In a Rebirthing Breathwork Mastery session the breath acts as a bridge between the conscious and unconscious, between the mind and the body.  The breath allows activation to release what is stored in the cellular memory of the body.

Rebirthing Breathwork Mastery works on the principle that there is a direct connection between mental and physical well-being and the openness of the breathing. Relaxing and releasing the breath dissolves tension in both the body and the mind.

Outline of a session

Intention Setting: getting clear on what you want.

Breath session: “conscious, connected relaxed breath” allows integration on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.

Debrief: allows you to understand the content of your session and how it relates to your intention.

This holistic approach encompasses specific use of intent + body awareness+ “conscious connected relaxed breath” to produce resolution.

In the first session I would ask you questions about your history and your reason for coming to RMB (your area of concern) and I would support you in writing an intention for the session.

I will then teach you “conscious connected relaxed breathing”. You would then lie down and be guided to connect to your “conscious connected relaxed breath” and bring awareness to any body sensations, words, memories or images that are present. Every session is different, as RBM is an organic, self-generated process, where clients can have a physical, emotional, mental, and/or spiritual experience.

These experiences can include:

Physical: changes of temperature (hot or cold) and or a variety of body sensations.

Emotional: release and awareness of emotions, from anger, sadness, fear, joy to bliss states.

Mental: memories and pictures of past events and or awareness of limiting beliefs or behaviour patterns.

Spiritual: memories of past lifetimes and or deep relaxation and a sense of bliss.

When the cycle of the breath is complete, we would then debrief the session, so you can relate what happened in your session to your intention.

How many sessions would I need?

One session may give you the insight you need however I suggest a series of sessions, as this brings continuity to work on a deep level and allows you to learn to use the breath effectively. This also supports you to gain the maximum benefit from your sessions and gives you your desired outcome for positive change.

When we are dealing with deep wounds and trauma e.g. death, grief, loss and sexual abuse, it requires time.
Each RBM session is a step in the unfolding of the body memory and each person finds their own pace in which to work.

A commitment to a series of sessions also assists to overcome resistance when uncomfortable feelings and experiences emerge from the subconscious.



  • Opportunity to release physical and emotional tension and trauma
  • Increased awareness, inspiration and clarity for day to day living
  • Free up unfinished business from the past
  • Less stress, anxiety and tension in your body
  • Transformation and healing
  • Increase of energy
  • A strong sense of self, greater confidence, self image and self esteem
  • Action instead of reaction, more patience, tolerance and compassion
  • Choice to create the life you want to live, gain a more creative outlook on life
  • More confidence in your communication
  • Renewed vitality and feelings of aliveness, passion and enthusiasm
  • Emotional and mental clarity as well as detoxifying the body
  • More joy, spontaneity and love in your life
  • Deeper and more meaningful relationships

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