Restful Sleep


Meditation-Breathing® for Restful Sleep is the third audio in the series of Meditation-Breathing®. The aim of this series is to introduce you to Meditation-Breathing® and support you to use Meditation-Breathing®for a specific purpose to enhance the quality of your wellbeing and your day-to-day life.

Meditation-Breathing® for Restful Sleep if practiced each evening consistently the differences will show up in your daily life. You will feel more rested, more at peace and more energized because you are falling into a deeper restful sleep. Through Meditation-Breathing® for Restful Sleep your muscles will relax, your breathing will become slow and deep,your mind will be calm and you will learn why it is important what time you go to bed.

When you can’t sleep at night it’s easy to blame the things affecting you in the moment-churning thoughts, a restless body, or uncomfortable surroundings. While these things certainly have an affect on your sleep, it’s important to remember that the quality of your sleep is a reflection of the quality of your daytime. If your day is full of stress, anxiety, hostility or other negative emotions, then all of that will be reflected in the quality of your sleep.

Deep restful sleep establishes harmony and wellbeing throughout your entire system and greatly reduces the physical and mental tension brought about by modern life.

Use Meditation-Breathing® for Restful Sleep to enjoy a deep restorative sleep.
Meditation-Breathing® helps you to stay balanced, calm and free from the influence of your mind.
The Meditation-Breathing® series is suitable for beginners as well as those who already have their own practice.


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