How to Create a Positive Relationship with Yourself!


Create a Relationship with yourself that….

  • Is positive and self-assured
  • Where you admire your qualities and honour You
  • Allows you to be free to express openly and honestly
  • You Trust your instincts and listen to your intuition
  • That is loving and accepting
  • You become aware of self limiting beliefs and how to overcome them

Using this dynamic breathing process “Rebirthing Breathwork Mastery”
YOU will discover and release the underlying causes of: 

  • What hinders you from honestly expressing how you feel?
  • Why you are challenged to trust or nurture yourself.
  • Why you feel disconnected with your self and others.
  • How early influences have affected your self esteem

In this group process, Kimberley provides a safe, nurturing space to share, explore and overcome the issues, beliefs, and behaviour patterns that prevent you living from your authentic being.



Contact Kimberley:  +61 412 999 810