Meditation-Breathing® for Happiness is the first audio in the series of Meditation-Breathing®. The aim of this series is to introduce you to Meditation-Breathing® and support you to use Meditation-Breathing® for a specific purpose to enhance the quality of your wellbeing and your day-to-day life.

Meditation-Breathing® for Happiness helps to still your mind, calm your emotions and open your heart. Happiness comes from the heart, so your heart needs to be open for you to experience happiness. It also supports your endocrine system, and increases within you, feelings of loving-kindness. Meditation-Breathing®forHappiness encourages a state of self-love and respect through breath and body attention. It creates an awareness that allows for feelings of happiness, love, forgiveness, kindness and tolerance towards oneself and others. Negative states of mind can be released, and a nourishing sort of peacefulness is able to grow within you.

Meditation-Breathing® helps you to stay balanced, happy and free from the influence of our mind.
TheMeditation-Breathing®series is suitable for beginners as well as those who already have their own practice.


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