How I Treat

“The poor physician treats the symptoms.

The good physician treats the disease.

The excellent physician treats the patient.”

William Osler

I have been supporting individuals to overcome issues in my private practice since 1999.

Having studied an array of modalities that have supported my own personal journey, I use these, together with my skills and experience, to support you on yours. I totally trust and love working with the power of the Breath, Rebirthing Breathwork Mastery and using AcuEnergetics® to restore flow, function and balance to the body.  As part of your treatments, I also teach you positive self-awareness strategies, self-care practices and simple and profound Meditation-Breathing practices which will support your healing and wellness.


I have chosen to use the symbol of the tree as, to me, it represents “Your Quality and Your Strength” in the world.  It also represents “The Women’s Body”, where the inner and outer worlds meet.

  • The leaves are the well – where the outside touches us. This is where we look at our problems at a superficial level; the symptoms. The leaves are like the fingers, giving us the ability to touch with.
  • The branches are the spring – penetrating that little bit deeper into self. This is generally where we have not felt comfortable, ignored the feelings and pushed them down or away. Does this sound familiar? The branches are the arms; where we reach out to connect and embrace life.
  • The trunk is the river – deepening into our conscious patterned behavior. This is where we know what we are doing but don’t know why or how to stop. The trunk is the body and soul of the woman.
  • The roots are the sea – the deep-seated core of the problem. This may be an unconscious patterned behavior, an old belief and/or deep cellular memory. The roots allow us the deep connection to mother earth for nourishment
  • The heart in the middle, showing us the importance of tending to our sacred heart at the centre of our being. It is what connects each aspect of self. It cannot be separate. It is all-inclusive.

There will be times where it is necessary to treat at the root of an issue, as this is where the deep-seated cause of the problem is buried, totally in your unconscious. Our body has memory and this memory is in our cells.  This is what I call cellular memory; when we are unconsciously holding onto past trauma, emotions and illness.  Other times it may be a fresh wound that is at the surface level and very much in a state of awareness.


Healing is a process of finding a healthy balance between mind, body, emotion and behavior with the intention of becoming more whole.  As we become more whole, we function better and more effectively in relationship to each other.  Deep healing is a process of creating balance on all levels and, in addition, finding balance in relationship to the outside world.


For each individual, healing means developing higher levels of health, wellness and performance of mind, body, emotions and behaviors, as well as developing balance and happiness spiritually and in relationships. Here are some examples of healing at each of the levels:

Physical: At the physical level, healing can be demonstrated by restoring flow to the irregular menstrual cycle, through balancing the disharmony of the kidneys, spleen and liver.

Emotional: At the emotional level, healing and wholeness can mean overcoming a tragic loss and finding hope and courage in life again, or it might mean learning to relax through your anxiety or anger.

Mental: At the mental level, healing could be choosing to avoid distraction and to focus clearly on what is most important, or to make better choices for yourself

Relationship: At the relationship level, healing could be going beyond your conflict, communicating honestly and treating others with respect and love.

Spirit: At the spiritual level, healing might mean realising that you have not been living up to your own ideals, awakening to your true values and purpose.


My analogy of deep healing is easy to see when we cut our finger and it mends. In this case, healing addresses the unbalanced state in the body, in which energy (blood) is lost and the deeper layers of the flesh is exposed to potential damage (infection). A few sutures and a bandage, and the healing process organically happens.

So what if the bleeding is from an ulcer in the stomach? Sure, a surgeon may operate and suture it closed and the body will repair the wound as it did the finger.  However, that may not be enough.

Often, a form of deeper healing is required, because the stomach ulcer may actually be the end result of lifestyle changes, e.g. a person excessively worrying all the time, or it could be that they have been excessively drinking alcohol or living a life that is unhealthy in other ways, e.g. diet, drugs etc. In such cases, local treatment by surgically repairing the ulcer treats the symptom, but does not treat the deeper root cause.This can lead to incomplete healing, and because the true source of the symptoms is not being adequately dealt with, the ulcer is likely to reoccur. The fact is that the overwhelming majority of all our illnesses are of this type and to make a complete recovery so the illness does not return we need deeper healing.

To heal more completely we must delve a bit deeper and discover a more effective way of relating with our body and the world.

So, as you can see, the most effective way to complete healing is through looking at you as a whole person.

“Healthy Roots lead to a Healthy Tree – You are the Tree.”

I invite and support you to address the relationship of mind, body, emotion and spirit.

Each session is tailored to your “unique self” and what you need to live your life fully alive.


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